Re: Meeting Minutes Published - February 1st, 2011

On Wed, Feb 16, 2011 at 12:46 PM, Brian Cameron <brian cameron oracle com> wrote:

   * Review past action items.
   * Did each person with action items send their status reports to
     the board list before the meeting?

Has this been happening? Some of the action items have been there for a long time. Some have been on there since last July.

I'd suggest it's time to go through them. There's probably a number of possible reasons for no action:
(1) Owner does not have time.
(2) Owner does not think it is important.
(3) The item is no longer relevant.

But I think it would help everyone to have them reflect the actual situation.

Perhaps we could ask that each board member update each of their action items each board meeting with the date, so it is easy to tell at a glance whether or not it's been updated. (And perhaps would remind each owner what they are still signed up for.)

   * Orca / Software Freedom Conservancy
         o Discussions underway. The SFC is working to determine if it
           is possible for GNOME projects to join the SFC.
         o ACTION: Bastien will email Joanie about options about
           whether it makes sense for orca to consider being a
           FreeDesktop project.

What would be the advantage for GNOME projects to join the SFC? I thought the GNOME Foundation provided all the services that SFC does. (I'm not opposed to the idea, just would like to understand why the projects want to.)

Great work with all the hackfests, GNOME Asia and release parties!!!


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