Re: Desktop Summit Planning

On 12/14/2011 09:34 AM, Richard Hughes wrote:
> First things first, I'll be happy if we have a GUADEC or a desktop
> summit, both events rocked hard. My preference would be for the
> former, just on the personal belief that I end up doing so much extra
> work for the KDE desktop and get virtually nothing back. It seems to
> me that low level gnome hackers end up doing all the infrastructure
> grunt work in the name of cross-desktop compatibility and then KDE
> either does something different or abstracts it one layer higher. I
> can't think of one system service we use in the GNOME stack that's
> maintained by a KDE person. I can name a dozen GNOME maintainers doing
> the opposite.

Yeah.  That's the sad reality.  To add my perspective on the text rendering
side, I finally got Jiang Jiang's attention to start porting Qt to
HarfBuzz-ng, but in general there's really no attention from the Qt side on
Linux.  Not anymore.


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