Re: Desktop Summit Planning

On 14 December 2011 13:32, Lennart Poettering <mztabzr 0pointer de> wrote:
> Well, but let's not forget that the folks you explicitly list here are
> probably more on the side against the colocation than for it. At least
> of the one you named first I know that he is against the combined
> conf. And I think Richard is too, I think (Richard?)

First things first, I'll be happy if we have a GUADEC or a desktop
summit, both events rocked hard. My preference would be for the
former, just on the personal belief that I end up doing so much extra
work for the KDE desktop and get virtually nothing back. It seems to
me that low level gnome hackers end up doing all the infrastructure
grunt work in the name of cross-desktop compatibility and then KDE
either does something different or abstracts it one layer higher. I
can't think of one system service we use in the GNOME stack that's
maintained by a KDE person. I can name a dozen GNOME maintainers doing
the opposite.

But like I say, I don't have a particularly strong view about it.


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