Re: Desktop Summit Planning

On Tue, Dec 13, 2011 at 09:42:28PM -0600, Brian Cameron wrote:
> The biggest complaints about the Desktop Summit seem to be:

I don't want to miss out on GUADEC. And a Desktop Summit is not a

> In discussion, the following options have been suggested as ways to
> improve the event.
> 1. To not have a large combined GNOME+KDE event, and to instead have
>    a smaller Desktop Summit or focused hackfest(s) with a more clear
>    agenda to work on specific and measurable collaborative tasks.
>    GUADEC and Akademy would continue as separate events.

I favour this strongly.

> 2. To arrange the Desktop Summit so that it is more of a co-located
>    event.  The GNOME and KDE events are separate but overlap on
>    certain days.  For example, GUADEC could happen first and continue
>    for several days, then a few combined days of Desktop Summit
>    followed by several days of Akademy.  This setup would likely be
>    more complicated for bidding, since it would likely require a
>    more dynamic space to accommodate the shifting needs.
> 3. The GNOME community has been having trouble finding volunteers to
>    help make events successful lately.  Some people like Dave Neary,

Before, or during the event? Before: yes (board asked gnome-nl for The
Hague). During: IMO, goes well. Lots of people help when asked.

> majority were supportive of the current format, we want to want to

I don' see the point in giving up GUADEC just to meet KDE people. If
that is needed, do it separate. Hackfests, another event, FOSDEM, etc.

Political bla bla: I don't care at all if someone is from KDE, GNOME,
something else. I likely going to GUADEC as I can meet *only* GNOME
focussed people. With not having a GUADEC each year, I only meet GNOME
people every other year (having 1/3 = GNOME is a totally different
atmosphere.. plus just not a GUADEC).
I did have discussions about KDE release procedure, KDE sysadmin stuff,
etc. Those conversations happened by chance. Also had loads of
conversations where e.g. someone says they're working on Plasma, and my
only reply is "uhuh" (I know it exists, I am not interested to know
If I meet someone, it is cutesy to say "nice to meet you". To me, I am
lying (no clue if it is nice to meet the person, I don't know yet!).


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