Re: Desktop Summit Planning

On 12/14/2011 04:42 AM, Brian Cameron wrote:
> 1. To not have a large combined GNOME+KDE event, and to instead have
>    a smaller Desktop Summit or focused hackfest(s) with a more clear
>    agenda to work on specific and measurable collaborative tasks.
>    GUADEC and Akademy would continue as separate events.

FWIW, in Spain we already organized this "smaller Desktop Summit",
called Guademy. It was organized on 2007 [7] and 2008 [8] (and in theory
they were successful). As on 2009 Desktop Summit was a combined event,
it was not organized again. So this option is more or less bring it back
Guademy, although with a more wider (non-local-Spanish) approach.

> 2. To arrange the Desktop Summit so that it is more of a co-located
>    event.  The GNOME and KDE events are separate but overlap on
>    certain days.  For example, GUADEC could happen first and continue
>    for several days, then a few combined days of Desktop Summit
>    followed by several days of Akademy.  This setup would likely be
>    more complicated for bidding, since it would likely require a
>    more dynamic space to accommodate the shifting needs.

This solution probably would mean that the combined event will be
longer. In my personal opinion, GUADEC is already a really long event.
And not all people can be on all the days of that such long event. This
means that some days, mostly the last ones, GUADEC became a empty event.
It is sad to see how many people attend to some talks during those days.


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Alejandro Piñeiro Iglesias

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