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Ping. Does someone who is on the board want to comment? How do we take
this forward?


2011/11/30 Andrea Veri <av gnome org>:
> On Wed, 30 Nov 2011, Dave Neary wrote:
>> >>I'm sure there are a few people who would contest this - who are consciously
>> >>not foundation members for some reason, while being GNOME hackers - and
>> >>there is also the technical difficulty of where you draw the line for
>> >>membership rights like having a vote in elections, but I think by and large,
>> >>defining the membership of the GNOME Foundation as "people involved in the
>> >>GNOME project" is fine.
>> >
>> >I'd be interested to hear why people don't feel they want to be
>> >Foundation members. I think it would be beneficial for the project if
>> >there is a closer relationship between being a contributor and being a
>> >Foundation member.
>> So would I! But I know that in the past when we've talked about the
>> value of foundation membership, there have been one or two people
>> who said "I don't want to be a foundation member".
> Things are changing on that side, we (Membership Committee) had
> several discussions and meetings with a few members of the Board about
> the guidelines and policies to adopt when renewing or accepting new
> Foundation members.
> If there is a problem, people should take it to foundation-list and
> discuss a possible solution, saying "I don't want to be a Foundation
> member" without a rationale or a motivation will definitely take us no
> where.
> During past elections (June 2011) we had some issues with the
> renewals notifications, someone mailed me saying there was a problem,
> the Committee had a meeting and everything is going great now or
> should I start talking about the criticisms we received about our
> application's form?
> The Foundation website is under a complete facelift and it'll go live
> really soon with a brand new application's page, more user-friendly
> with less fields and without the so-bad checkbox people out there
> hate so much.
> This is the way to solve problems and I will never stop saying
> that every GNOME hacker is *welcome* to join the Foundation, the way I
> see the GNOME Foundation is it being a big family, we should help each
> other and we should collaborate to make GNOME a better place for
> everyone.
> Fighting each other is *not* the way to go, please think about that.
> cheers,
> Andrea
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