Re: Call for hosts for GUADEC 2012


On 04/27/11 09:56 AM, William Jon McCann wrote:
What does this call (and its deadline) mean with regard to a potential
co-hosting with aKademy in 2012 again ("Desktop Summit")?

The GNOME Foundation board and the aKademy board has already decided
that the Desktop Summit will be a bi-annual event for the time being.

Oh, that is unfortunate.  I assume that a newly elected board will be
able to reverse this decision.  Is that correct?

Yes, I thought that should have been clear by my saying "for the time

Since there are questions, I will try to be more clear.  I think that
GNOME and aKademy have only really agreed to have a co-hosted event in
2011 and to not have a co-hosted event in 2012.  Beyond that, I do not
think there is a real clear plan beyond a recognition that having a
co-hosted event bi-annually seems to be a forming pattern.  Decisions
are very much being made year-by-year.

But, correct, these decisions will be made by future elected boards
and I would imagine that they would base their decisions on input from
The GNOME Foundation community and how well things go in Berlin.


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