Re: Meeting Minutes Published - March 29th, 2011


On 04/12/11 07:39 AM, Olav Vitters wrote:
On Mon, Apr 11, 2011 at 09:00:06PM -0500, Brian Cameron wrote:
     * Paul&  Andreas - Will raise their concerns regarding allowing
       GNOME projects joining the Conservancy.

Seems outcome is -1. What's bad/concern?

There is nothing bad about Conservancy.  It is a great organization
that is promoting free software.  What's not to like?

Note that the last time we talked with the Conservancy, they were still
trying to determine whether or not they would be willing to accept GNOME
projects.  If they decide not, then joining the Conservancy may not be
an option for GNOME projects regardless of what we think.

That said, the GNOME board of directors are not very supportive of
GNOME projects joining the Conservancy.  Since The GNOME Foundation
is already a non-for-profit, our organization is in a position to
provide most, if not all, of the useful benefits that Conservancy
provides.  Overall, we feel it is better for GNOME projects to work
within the GNOME framework if possible.

Thats said, it took the Conservancy a long time to set up its
organization to provide its benefits.  So, the board hopes that people
in the GNOME community can be patient as we figure out how to set up
similar benefits.  For example, The GNOME Foundation is currently
working to figure out how to better manage accounting so we can handle
the additional burden of helping GNOME projects do more targeted fund


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