Re: Meeting Minutes Published - March 29th, 2011

On Mon, Apr 11, 2011 at 09:00:06PM -0500, Brian Cameron wrote:
>     * There has also been discussion about whether GNOME projects
>       should be allowed to join Conservancy.
>           o Andreas, Bastien, Paul: -1
>           o Emily, German, Og, Paul: 0
>     * CiviCRM Improvements
>           o The board decided to approve $1,000 (USD) to improve the
>             CiviCRM, as Rosanna requested.
>           o ACTION: Og - Will notify Rosanna that $1,000 (USD) to
>             improve CiviCRM has been approved.

This concerns stuff that goes upstream or more like a fork (aka local
improvements)? Local changes quickly become a problem (example:
Bugzilla), also difficult when security updates are made (example:
Bugzilla.. sometimes updates have conflicts).

>     * Improve
>           o ACTION: Andreas - Will look into header to
>             see if we can add a link to see This will
>             help more readers to hopefully notice IRC meeting.

This used to be the case. Maybe the 'banner' which is on
should show all GNOME hosted planets? (ux, news, people/planet, 2 others
as well.. see planet-web git module for details).

> Status of action items
>     * Andreas - To ask Kat if she can reach out to the
>       gnome-de gnome org mailing list about finding local German
>       volunteers to help with the Desktop Summit 2011. (will ping again)

Some of the The Hague volunteers mentioned (remember William from Texas
saying this) during the GNOME 3 party that they'd be willing to assist
this year. But that would not be local.

>     * Paul & Andreas - Will raise their concerns regarding allowing
>       GNOME projects joining the Conservancy.

Seems outcome is -1. What's bad/concern?


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