Re: Next Foundation IRC list is on November 3rd!

On Wed, 2010-10-27 at 09:42 -0600, Stormy Peters wrote:
> Hi GNOME folks,
> Thanks for participating in the GNOME Foundation meeting today.

Oops. :-(

> We had a lot of topics to discuss and did not get to them even though
> we went over 30 minutes! So by common agreement, we are having our
> next meeting next week!
>       When: Wednesday, November 3rd, from 14:00 to 15:30 UTC
>       Where:, #foundation

I will try better to attend that one. <enters it in calendar> Speaking
of which....

Is there (or are there any plans to create) a subscribe-able calendar
for these meetings? As I'm sure y'all are aware, the Release Team does
this for the GNOME schedule, and I find it infinitely helpful: Thanks to
google calendar, I get email reminders, reminders on my phone, and
pop-up reminders in my browser. And as a result, I don't believe I've
ever forgotten about or missed an RT deadline. :-)

Thanks. Take care.

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