Meeting Minutes Published - October 14, 2010

The meeting minutes for the October 14th GNOME Foundation board
meeting is now published.  Refer here:


Other past board meetings are archived here:


-- text of the latest minutes follows --

Minutes for Meeting of October 14th, 2010

Next Meeting

    * October 28th, 2010


    * Andreas Nilsson
    * Bastien Nocera
    * Brian Cameron
    * Emily Chen
    * Germán Póo-Caamaño
    * Og Maciel (late)
    * Paul Cutler
    * Rosanna Yuen
    * Stormy Peters



Recurring Items

    * Review past action items.
    * Did each person with action items send their status reports to
      the board list before the meeting?
    * Approve and make sure that minutes of last meeting were published
      to foundation-announce and foundation-list.
    * Make sure to start up the gobby server for better note taking.
    * Update website.

New Items

          o The board decided to approve the proposal to
            allow them to sell GNOME-branded merchandise.

    * Boston Summit (November 6-8)
          o The Boston Summit needs to be announced more widely.
          o We need to do more promotion since the dates are different
            this year. The event is not happening over Columbus Day
            weekend as it has in past years.
          o The Boston Summit would benefit from some effort to help
            coordinate an agenda of what people plan to work on.
          o Most people who attend are core GNOME developers who
            already know about it, so the lack of an agenda is perhaps
            not surprising.
          o This year there may be some costs associated with the
            venue, coffee/food, a party, and covering travel
            sponsorships. Last year the cost was $2,568, but this year
            the costs will likely be higher.
          o We could get more sponsors and attendees if we develop a
            more clear message about what we are going to do.
          o People on the board agreed to ping people who are planning
            to attend and to try to put together an agenda of what will
            be worked on there, and to promote the event.
          o Need to announce that people can submit requests for travel
                + Need to decide how much travel sponsorship will be
                  funded. In the past The GNOME Foundation has not
                  sponsored much travel costs for The Boston Summit.
                  Last year was the first time and only 1 person was
                  sponsored for that event.
          o ACTION: Og will email Xan López to see what he plans for
            the summit. This new action was done shortly after the
            meeting. Emily will ping Vincent to see what he plans for
            the summit.
          o ACTION: All board members will help to put together a draft
            agenda for the Boston Summit. This involves emailing those
            who will be participating and collecting information about
            what things will be worked on.

    * Foundation IRC Meeting
          o Selected the date as October 27th.
          o ACTION: Og received a link to initial ideas from Paul and
            will publish a post about the Foundation IRC Meeting for
            October 27, 2010 and send an email to the Board shortly
            after the meeting.
          o ACTION: All board members to put together a draft agenda
            for the Foundation IRC Meeting by Saturday, October 16th.

    * Desktop Summit 2011
          o Andreas attended the Desktop Summit 2011 kick-off meeting
            in Berlin (September 22-25, 2010).
          o Andreas reported that the meeting went well and planning is
          o Lately discussing keynote speakers and the papers
            committee. Not clear if they have made any decisions on the
            papers committee.
          o ACTION': Andreas to ask Kat if she can reach out to the
            gnome-de gnome org mailing list about finding local German
            volunteers to help with the Desktop Summit 2011.

    * Reminder: Stormy bonus feedback

    * Nokia / MeeGo call for bids
          o Bastien reported that the announcement had been sent out,
            but no replies yet.
          o ACTION: Bastien will send out a deadline date for the MeeGo
            call for Bids after getting some feedback from the

    * Board meeting at Boston Summit
          o Andreas is still not sure if he could attend.
          o Bastien and Germán will not be able to attend.

    * Women's Outreach Project
          o Lots of candidates!
          o Potential mentors can add their projects to the wiki. Those
            are the only "official" projects.
          o Deadline for applications (including a small project) is
            October 25th.
          o With the additional sponsorship money from Google, we will
            have 5 interns for the session that starts in December.

    * Annual report
          o Paul reported that the final tasks are finishing and we
            should be able to wrap this up soon.

Completed Actions

    * Brian - To send an email to discuss Stormy's bonus and salary
      process for 2011 with the board.
    * Emily - To send the GNOME 3.0 Launch Hackfest survey to the board
      and work with Pockey to send to key participants.
    * Emily - To talk with other GNOME User's Groups to coordinate the
      possibility of there being a multi-city GNOME 3.0 Hackfest/Party.
    * Germán - Will update the Travel policy to cover the extra costs
      (such as visa, vaccinations, etc.) when the board requests that a
      representative attends an event on behalf of GNOME Foundation.
      Published on Sep 2 and updated on Oct 16.
    * Germán - Will follow up with Murray about Ekaterina (Kat)
      Gerasimova helping with planning and possible "ack" as a sponsor.
      Obsolete. After a couple of iterations I realized that Andreas
      Nielsen was also doing the same thing.
    * Germán - Will write a template that people who fill out bids can
      complete that can be made public. Obsolete. This was proposed
      before receiving bids for desktop summit to do it in a timeframe
      of 4 days and only if I had time.
    * Og - To help come up with a list of possible speakers for the
      GULEV Free & Open Source Software Conference 2010 in Mexico.
      After sending emails to Miguel de Icaza, Federico Lucifredi and
      others, Mauro Parra was recommended as a possible candidate to
      speak at the conference. Mauro's contact information has been
      sent to Stormy by email.
    * Og - Will email Xan López to see whether he will do a
      presentation during the Summit. This new action was done shortly
      after the meeting.
    * Paul - To check GUADEC feedback page for spelling, and possible
      anonymity leaks. (And published)
    * Paul - To ping Og to find out if he can organize the Foundation
      IRC Meeting in the next week.
    * Paul - To follow-up with Og on status of the "GNOME 3 as a
      Foundation Goal" action.
    * Stormy/Bastien - To find contacts at HP who are working on GNOME
      with Palm OS. Stormy is working with Phil Robb at HP on this.
    * Stormy - To add Bastien to LimeSurvey for board peer review.
    * All Board Members - Please share your feedback on the GNOME/FSF

Status of action items

    * Andreas - Will finish the Friends of GNOME revamp and find
      someone with proper javascript skills to help.
    * Andreas - Follow up with Vincent Untz about creating a Philosophy
      page on the GNOME Wiki.
    * Andreas - Will follow up with Andrew Savory from LiMo to see if
      relevant information from their GTK+ study can be made more
    * Andreas - Will get feedback for the Annual Report for Daniel
    * Andreas - Will find out if the GTK+ and WebKitGTK+ Hackfests need
      help fund raising.
    * Andreas - To reach out to Ekaterina (Kat) Gerasimova to see if
      she wants to be the GNOME representative for the 2011 Desktop
      Summit and, if so, to invite her to the Desktop Summit meeting.
    * Andreas - To take the GUADEC feedback and post it to a public
      wiki page.
    * Bastien - Will try to find people who can consolidate the
      feedback about the Texas Instruments Zoom2 device to provide back
      to Texas Instruments.
    * Bastien - Will take over the internal review process task from
      Diego Urrelo (hopefully he can automate it).
    * Bastien - To find a way to automate the process of exporting
      results from internal review process and email it to the board.
    * Bastien - To discuss the use of badges (a-la Creative Commons, page colors, or PSN badges).
    * Bastien - To talk to Olav Vitters about using bugzilla to track
      Friends of GNOME post card sending.
    * Bastien - To get _a_ WebOS/Palm contact from Lennart Poettering.
    * Bastien - To contact the BBC to discuss about possible
      collaboration in working directly with GNOME.
    * Bastien - Will create private Wiki page to sort ideas about how
      to better organize events like GUADEC.
    * Bastien - Will reach out to Dave Richards from the City of Largo
      to plan for a hackfest there.
    * Bastien - To write up a call for bids for Nokia proposal, and
      discuss the technology with people from Nokia.
    * Bastien - Emailing with Nokia and GTK+/XI2 maintainers to further
      detail out the proposal of how to spend the money provided by
      Nokia. Major issues include the bug discussed on d-d-l and touch
      framework. Bastien gathering more information currently.
    * Bastien - To talk to sysadmins about the GNOME IRC meeting,
      follow-up on Sept 16th.
    * Bastien - To update and flesh out what we expect from Nokia bids.
    * Brian - Get information about what should be in an "Employee
      Handbook". Draft approved by board. Now under review by the GNOME
      legal team.
    * Brian - Develop trademark usage forms for common use cases. James
      Vasile from legal is working with Brian on this.
    * Brian - Check records of organizations with existing contracts to
      use the GNOME trademark. Taken over from Vincent Untz. Look at
      the archives in 2005 and try to determine which companies can use
      the GNOME trademark. Know what kind of contracts we had with
      them. Taken over from Jorge.
    * Diego - Will send an updated "Día GNOME" article for the Annual
    * Germán - Will share the financial data that was provided to the
      advisory board to foundation-list.
    * Germán - Will follow up with Shaun McCance about how the board
      can help with his proposal for funding developer documentation.
    * Germán - Will help Paul put together the Financial Report for the
      Annual Report.
    * Germán - To discuss with GNOME Hispano about them handling GNOME
      Foundation money in Euros (€).
    * Germán - To track if the new method of boletos generates more or
      less money from Brazil.
    * Germán - To have a draft Fiscal Year Budget in October for the
      board to review.
    * Og - Will take over from Diego Urrelo the task to work Jonh to
      determine how Ronaldo Padula (Loja Geek Depto Comercial) should
      send profits to the GNOME Foundation and then work with Ronaldo
      to finalize arrangements. The Brasilian Free Software Association
      is likely to help us out here, on the plus side we will also be
      able to take "boleto" donations.
          o Ronaldo confirmed that he understood all the clauses in the
            contract I sent him and told me he was going to pass it on
            to his sales department. He also mentioned that he was not
            sure how to work with the Brazilian Free Software
            Association to submit the payments, which surprised me as I
            thought that had been the payment method they had chosen. I
            may have to ask someone from the Brazilian team how it all
            works to lend Ronaldo a hand.
          o ACTION: Will reach out to John Wendel to learn how the FSA
            works and will pass information along to Ronaldo
    * Og - List of speakers for the Open Source Software Conference
      2010 in Mexico:
          o After sending emails to Miguel de Icaza, Federico Lucifredi
            and others, I was finally recommended Mauro Parra as a
            possible candidate to speak at the conference. Mauro's
            contact information has been sent to Stormy by email.
    * Og - Will start a discussion on the mailing list about how The
      GNOME Foundation wants to organize event planning for events that
      carry the GNOME brand.
          o The thread was started a while back with a few replies.
            Maybe we need to ping others to comment?
    * Og - Will organize the next GNOME Foundation IRC meeting and
      create an agenda.
          o Email with list of topics for agenda was sent shortly after
            the end of our meeting
    * Og - Update the blog and planet to highlight that people are
      expected to sign and follow the GNOME Code of Conduct.
          o As per Paul's recommendation, I have emailed Vincent to ask
            him what his idea is for doing this.
    * Paul - Will send an email to the foundation-list and the gnucash
      list seeking someone to take over the GnuCash automation. Taken
      over from Behdad Esfahbod.
    * Paul - Will lead putting together the GNOME Annual Report.
    * Paul - Will work on 2010 Annual Report
          o Paul - To fix the annual report: remove all TM in the GNOME
            logos, s/GNOME Asia/GNOME.Asia/g, use right font for GNOME
          o Paul - To start work on next 2011 Annual Report ASAP (due
            start FY2012)
          o Paul - To work with Jonathan Blandford for the pants
            article in the annual report.
          o Paul - Will follow up with Germán about the financial data
            for the Annual Report.
    * Paul - Will work with Gil Forcada from and gnome-
      marketing to define the best way for organizations like
      to participate in the GNOME community. Not many replies from the
      community. Diego Urrelo will draft something more concrete for
      gnome-marketing to determine the best name and process for
      managing this. There was a discussion on the mailing list and a
      few good ideas, Diego will wrap them up and send them again for
      further comments.
    * Paul - To make sure Board members have access to the Foundation
      blog. (Update as of August - all members who do not have blogs on have access - working with the sysadmins to fix a
    * Paul - Will follow-up with Board to read the Advisory Board fees
      for small businesses proposal, ask for feedback and set a date to
      vote by.
    * Paul - To finish the Privacy Policy, get review from James
      Vasile, etc.
    * Paul - To follow up with Christer Edwards on using Bugzilla and
      CiviCRM to track Friends of GNOME Postcards. (Scheduled meeting
      with Christer on 10/14/10 to discuss Sysadmin projects)
    * Paul/Germán - Automate the process of entering PayPal information
      into GnuCash. Taken over from Behdad Esfahbod.
    * Rosanna - Research the GNOME Guidestar website and update if
      necessary. Rosanna sent an update about the status of Guidestar,
      but work is still needed. Need to find someone to keep the
      website up-to-date.
    * Rosanna - Will apply for the GNOME credit card. Status: Filled
      out initial application, have appointment next Wednesday with the
      bank to continue process.
    * Rosanna - Will handle the purchase orders with Google for
      GIMP/GStreamer GSoC mentor payments as she has been doing it
      already for GNOME.
    * Stormy - To schedule a meeting with companies that do consulting
      work with GNOME to start discussions on how we can help (how can
      we work together). Sent email. Got a couple of positive responses.
    * Stormy - To follow up with Orbitz to find out if the GNOME
      Foundation can pre-purchase travel tickets. Tried to contact them
      several times. Exchanged emails to set up a time - they did not
      respond to availability.
    * Stormy - To add advisory board member roles to wiki.
    * Stormy - To add the information she got about opening nonprofits
      in other countries to the wiki.
    * Stormy - To follow up with Friends of GNOME post card senders to
      make sure they have sent them.
    * Stormy - Will follow up the GULEV Free & Open Source Software
      Conference 2010 organizers and provide them with a list of
      potential GNOME speakers in Mexico. Waiting on Og for the list.
    * Stormy - To update the hackfest wiki pages to make it clear that
      we need detailed information about expenses included with
      proposals if they are asking for GNOME Foundation sponsorship.
    * Stormy - Will confirm final cost of the Boston Summit.
    * Stormy - Taking over for Og. Will assist with the GNOME 3 as a
      Foundation goal task and to help in getting the GNOME 3 as a
      Foundation Goal survey topics together.
    * All Board Members - To review and finalize Stormy's year-end
      review feedback and bonus for 2010.

New Action Items

    * Andreas - To ask Kat if she can reach out to the
      gnome-de gnome org mailing list about finding local German
      volunteers to help with the Desktop Summit 2011.
    * Bastien - Will send out a deadline date for the MeeGo call for
      Bids after getting some feedback from the community
    * Og - Received a link to initial ideas from Paul and will publish
      a post about the Foundation IRC Meeting for October 27th, 2010
    * All board members - Will help to put together a draft agenda for
      the Boston Summit. This involves emailing those who will be
      participating and collecting information about what things will
      be worked on.
    * All board members - To put together a draft agenda for the
      Foundation IRC Meeting by Saturday, October 16th.

Discussed on the mailing list

    * Events
          o The GNOME and KDE 2011 Desktop Summit (August 6-12, 2011)
             was announced.
          o Mozilla will be sponsoring the Snowy hackfest with $2,000.
          o Discussing a proposed budget for the WebKitGTK+ hackfest
            with Juan José Sánchez Penas, who is helping with
            organizing this event.
          o Making final arrangements to cover venue costs from GUADEC
          o Samsung invited The GNOME Foundation to attend the KLEA
            (Korea LiMo Ecosystem Association) conference with the
            title "Smart Device Development Strategies of Open Source
            Camps" on November 19th in Seoul, South Korea.
          o Putting together the GUADEC feedback for the community.
          o William 'from Texas' Carlson requested travel subsidy to
            attend the openSUSE annual international conference
            (October 20-23 in Nuremberg, Germany) where he would
            represent GNOME.

    * GNOME Brand.
          o sent The GNOME Foundation a proposal asking if
            they could sell GNOME-branded merchandise. The board is
          o Discussion with Justin Colannino from the Software Freedom
            Law Center about registering the new GNOME trademark.
          o Reviewing the latest drafts of the updating GNOME User's
            Group forms.
          o Discussing signing the updated User's Group form with GNOME
            Hispano, the Beijing GNOME User's Group, and the new
            Taiwain GNOME User's Group.

    * Google Summer of Code and Code-In
          o Sandy Armstrong asked if The GNOME Foundation can assist
            with handling Google Summer of Code payments for the Mono
            project. The board agreed. Also discussing assisting the
            GStreamer and GIMP projects with this which we also plan to
          o Vincent Untz notified the board that Google launched
            Code-In, which is a program similar to GHOP, to which we
            participated in 2009. It's like GSoC, but for
            pre-university students. Would be good for The GNOME
            Foundation to be involved.

    * Planning for the Advisory Board meeting on October 12th.
    * Putting together the 2010 Q2 GNOME Quarterly Report.
    * Reviewing Stormy's performance from April-September, 2010 and
      calculating her bonus for this time period.
    * Bastien sent the board an updated proposal how to spend the money
      provided by Nokia and other board members have provided some
    * Discussion about making plans with the FSF to publish GNOME
      related articles in the FSF "Free Software Supporter" and finding
      ways to collaborate on fund raising.
    * Jim Herbsleb from Carnegie Mellon University is interested in
      conducing a survey with The GNOME Foundation. Currently under
    * The board is discussing purchasing a needed server to replace an
      old machine currently in use.
    * Final review of The GNOME Foundation "Employee Handbook".

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