Re: unsubscribing

On 03/05/2010 02:57 PM, Paul Cutler wrote:
> I don't really want to start the conversation again that we had about
> the Code of Conduct, but if our Foundation members are no longer
> participating in the conversation for all the reasons we are currently
> seeing, I think we need to find a solution quickly.
> I don't know what that solution is without some knee jerk reactions, but
> I just wanted to communicate my dismay in seeing long standing
> Foundation members leave the list.

What about forming small workgroups which kick in when a topic becomes
too "emotional" or simply too complex, unclear and confusing to be
discussed on foundation list?

If you look at the last 20 or 30 emails you will notice that there are
some few people which participate at the discussion. I'm sure that there
are others which are in "read-only" mode or in "ignore" mode. They may
be too frightened to participate because all they get in return are
unkind words.

I suggest to form workgroups which get a own mailinglist and the
workgroup can discuss the topic (whatever that would be) inside the
group and present the outcome of the discussion on foundation list.


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