Re: Some notes on GNOME Shell

2010/6/3 Andreas Nilsson <nisses mail home se>
On 06/03/2010 02:54 AM, Seif Lotfy wrote:
And don't get me wrong -- I happen to disagree with some stuff they're
doing from time to time. But it doesn't mean I should stop trusting

But would't you like to have the points you disagree with be discussed or reevaluated?
I think this is the issue the community is facing. There is a difference between "We are going to do it like that because we think its right, and that is how it is gonna be" and "We are doing it like that because we think it is right, but we are open for discussion"
Right now the Shell developers are somewhere between both stand points. I know some developers who were able to cooperate with them. But I think more transparency around discussions and evaluations are missing.

Just a quick note regarding the design procedures here.
From my experience, Jon and Jeremy hang out both hang out in #gnome-design all day and are publically discussing all design issues there (even down to the smallest details).
Me, Hylke, Garrett, Jakub and others have all been giving feedback, drawing mockups and evaluating designs, even though, as always, Jon and Jeremy have been doing most of the job (as us others have other day jobs and priorities).
- Andreas

This would be a good FAQ.  We really do need a gnome-shell FAQ I think.  I might help out on the whole community thing on shell if people are willing, it depends on whether this six month project I'm on comes to a close.  My contributions have tapered off due to a high work and personal load.


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