Re: State of Foundation charter

On Wed, Feb 24, 2010 at 5:05 AM, Jonh Wendell <jwendell gnome org> wrote:
> Hello, folks.
> I'm taking a look at , which
> mentions it's still a draft, from Oct 2000!
> Do we have a final version, or is it the final version so that it can be
> renamed?

1) There is no official version which is newer than that.

2) Many moons ago I started collecting feedback for a final version
here: but never integrated them into
a final text. More comments would obviously be welcome, and if someone
wanted to take on the drafting and incorporation of those comments, I
doubt the board would object. (I believe I have a more modern draft on
a hard drive at home, but I can't get to that until Tuesday, I'm

3) Note that the charter has no legal force, so the fact that it is
'incomplete' is not really important. That said, I agree it would be
nice to update it as a statement of our values and organizational
principles, and to remove or clarify things that have changed.


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