Chance to comment on US government use of technology pages

As an Open Source for America member, GNOME has been invited to comment on the US government's use of technology.

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From: INTERNAL: OSA Board of Advisors Discussion List
Date: Wed, Feb 24, 2010 at 9:47 AM
Subject: [OSA-board-announce] OSFA Business: We need your help
To: osa-announce opensourceforamerica org

Dear OSFA Members,

We recently sent you an email regarding Open Source for America's final "Guidelines for Open Government Plans," which are posted at OSFA has submitted our suggested guidelines to the Obama Administration and will use these guidelines to help us grade federal agencies' plans later this year.

We appreciate all the feedback we received from members to improve the draft guidelines and wanted to let you know that there is still an opportunity for you to participate in this process. The Administration has invited public comments on each agency’s open government page through March 19, 2010. We encourage all of our members to visit and provide input to the federal government on how to use technology to engage better with the American public.

Thanks again for your help and feedback in this process.

Best regards, 
Open Source for America Steering Committee

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