Re: FOSDEM Report

Le mardi 23 février 2010, à 15:23 +0100, Vincent Untz a écrit :
> As a reminder: the original money for all this came from the Foundation
> (in 2008, if I'm not mistaken), and since this bootstrap step, we're
> able to sponsor the GNOME presence at FOSDEM with the money we get from
> t-shirts. The money is handled by GNOME-FR.

With my board hat: this is a model that we'd like to see other groups
adopt when possible. This makes it possible to use the Foundation money
for other or new events after the bootstrap step, and therefore make
GNOME more visible in more places.

Of course, this is not always possible. But think about it when you
organize the GNOME presence at an event :-)


Les gens heureux ne sont pas pressés.

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