Sysadmin Team Update (and looking for 2 volunteers)

Hi all, I wanted to give you a brief update on the Sysadmin team.

Last April, Owen sent out an email[1] outlining changes to the Sysadmin
team and a goal of hiring a part-time System Administrator to help
coordinate the Sysadmin team.  (And we're getting closer to be the goal
every day!)  

Last year John Carr oversaw the team and the Sysadmin team was able to
work on a number of improvements to the GNOME infrastructure, including
a Bugzilla upgrade, installing a CRM system and web analytics
application for the Marketing team and Plone, a CMS for a new

In October I volunteered to help with coordinating the team as John
stepped down[2] and with a new year starting a couple other members have
indicated they don't have time to help right now as well.

We have lots of improvements planned for this year such as bringing a
brand new server online (thanks to Jeff Schroeder's donation!) and
migrating services from older servers to the new one, Git and Damned
Lies integration, integrating all GNOME servers with Puppet and scoping
Tomboy Online.  That's just to name a few - we also have a number of
tasks open in Bugzilla in the sysadmin component.

We are looking for two volunteers to join the team to help with these
projects and more.  As Owen mentioned last year, team member
responsibilities include:

* Attending the IRC meetings
* Regularly spending time handling routine tasks
* Volunteering for infrastructure development projects as needed

We have a number of projects planned for this year, so that 3rd bullet is important!

If you are interested in joining the team, please join the gnome-infrastructure mailing list[3] 
and introduce yourself, why you want to join and any relevant skills or
experience you have.  It is helpful if you have been active in other
GNOME teams and can have someone vouch for you. (We are talking about
giving you root access to GNOME servers, after all!)

If you have any questions, please feel free to send me an email, email
the infrastructure list or stop by the #sysadmin IRC channel on GIMPNet




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