Re: Sysadmin Team Update (and looking for 2 volunteers)

Hello Paul,

I'd like to be a volunteer for GNOME sysadmin team.

* I have known GNOME for more than 10  years, and have used it for 5+ years.
* It's Free software that I'd like to contribute to.
* I have some experience on sysadmin
* I'm having the confidence/ability to learn new things that I don't know.
* Want to be more professional by learning from other gurus.

* Bash/Python/Sed scripting language knowledge
* Experience on managing the network infrastructure of my previous company
* Bugzilla, VCS, CMS, Blog system installation/administration experience.
* GNU/Linux system administration knowledge.

I really want to be the one of volunteers for GNOME sysadmin team,
not only to contribute to this great community, but also want to learn
more from other experts.
I'm mostly active in translation team and gnome accessibility, but I'm
not sure if there is someone could vouch for me.

I bet most of sysadmins are from western world, my little advantage is
I'm in eastern.
so it's probably better to construct a 24 hours available team for
GNOME infrastructure. :)

More information will be provided upon request if you like!

On Sat, Feb 13, 2010 at 11:08 AM, Paul Cutler <pcutler gnome org> wrote:
> Last year John Carr oversaw the team and the Sysadmin team was able to
> work on a number of improvements to the GNOME infrastructure, including
> a Bugzilla upgrade, installing a CRM system and web analytics
> application for the Marketing team and Plone, a CMS for a new

> We are looking for two volunteers to join the team to help with these
> projects and more.  As Owen mentioned last year, team member
> responsibilities include:
> * Attending the IRC meetings
> * Regularly spending time handling routine tasks
> * Volunteering for infrastructure development projects as needed

> If you are interested in joining the team, please join the gnome-infrastructure mailing list[3]
> and introduce yourself, why you want to join and any relevant skills or
> experience you have.  It is helpful if you have been active in other
> GNOME teams and can have someone vouch for you. (We are talking about
> giving you root access to GNOME servers, after all!)

Ray Wang
 - Free As In Freedom

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