Re: Meeting Minutes Published - November 11, 2010

 El 17/12/2010 12:21, Piñeiro escribió:
So now the problems. Take into account that turn Orca cross-platform
is not just be able to compile Orca on Windows. There are more pieces
that it would be required to "turn":

   * at-spi: Orca is a screen reader that gets all the information from
at-spi. So at-spi should also be migrated.

   * new bridge: right now, the communication path between the apps and
     at-spi is the ATK bridge or the QT bridge. Windows apps doesn't
     use ATK, AFAIK, it uses IAccessible2. So a new bridge should be

So, turn cross-platform Orca means turns two modules, and create a new
one. This is a really big amount of work to do. And we enter in a
vicious circle. You proposed that turn in order to get funds. But we
would require a really big amount of funds to get that.
Thanks for your explanation which helped me to understand better how Orca works.

Agreed. Given this scenario it seems clear that the effort is greater than the return.

However, IMHO, I think that this approach could be taken into account for some new AT projects, especially those less dependant on specific api's (for instance, I'm thinking of AAC software). Beyond probably increasing funding opportunities (according to previous comments in this thread), a larger user base could be reached. Is just my opinion.


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