Re: Meeting Minutes Published - November 11, 2010

On Fri, 2010-12-17 at 12:21 +0100, Piñeiro wrote:
> From: "Cesar Mauri Loba" <cesar crea-si com>


> > And what about turning Orca into cross-platform? I would attract funding
> > from different sources.
> When you mean turn Orca cross-platform I guess that you are thinking
> in a cross GNU/Linux-Windows platform, instead of the currrent plan to
> turn (in the future) Orca cross-desktop KDE-GNOME.


> So, turn cross-platform Orca means turns two modules, and create a new
> one. This is a really big amount of work to do. And we enter in a
> vicious circle. You proposed that turn in order to get funds. But we
> would require a really big amount of funds to get that.

And there's already NVDA for Windows. So ignoring the epic nature of all
the work that would need doing for a moment, we'd potentially be
competing for funds with the NVDA guys. I'd rather see them thrive and
us continue to focus on *nix (including KDE and the light-weight desktop


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