Re: Meeting Minutes Published - November 11, 2010

From: "Cesar Mauri Loba" <cesar crea-si com>

>>> >> Based on the Orca (or even a more general a11y) roadmap, it may be
>>> >> possible to get some funding from companies or associations
>>> interested
>>> >> in seeing Orca get better (although a lot of the associations seem to
>>> be
>>> >> focussing more on NVDA because it works on Windows).
>>> >
>>> > Just thought I'd chime in here. I spent a bit of time searching for
>>> > funding to work on Caribou after the ATRC  / IDRC cut funding for my
>>> > position. The feedback I received was a similar story; the potential
>>> > funders seemed only interested in an applications that would serve
>>> > their users who primarily use Windows. Obviously this will be an issue
>>> > when searching for funding for GNOME a11y projects - especially new
>>> > projects that don't have an established group of users like Caribou.
> And what about turning Orca into cross-platform? I would attract funding
> from different sources.

When you mean turn Orca cross-platform I guess that you are thinking
in a cross GNU/Linux-Windows platform, instead of the currrent plan to
turn (in the future) Orca cross-desktop KDE-GNOME.

So now the problems. Take into account that turn Orca cross-platform
is not just be able to compile Orca on Windows. There are more pieces
that it would be required to "turn":

  * at-spi: Orca is a screen reader that gets all the information from
at-spi. So at-spi should also be migrated.

  * new bridge: right now, the communication path between the apps and
    at-spi is the ATK bridge or the QT bridge. Windows apps doesn't
    use ATK, AFAIK, it uses IAccessible2. So a new bridge should be

So, turn cross-platform Orca means turns two modules, and create a new
one. This is a really big amount of work to do. And we enter in a
vicious circle. You proposed that turn in order to get funds. But we
would require a really big amount of funds to get that.


API (apinheiro igalia com)

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