Re: Meeting Minutes Published - November 11, 2010


Joanmarie Diggs wrote:
> Aha, well, yes. For starters:
> * Speech recognition would be useful for at least some people with print
>   learning disabilities as well as for certain people with physical 
>   disabilities.
> * Caribou, especially were its functionality further expanded, would be 
>   useful for people with physical disabilities.
> Could we begin there? And if so, who is "we" and how do we "begin"? :-)

OK - Caribou is the gok replacement, right?

I guess "we" is us - the GNOME Foundation. I'm sure the board will help,
I'll help, I'm certain the a11y team will help... we'll figure this out.

I guess "begin" begins with "build a list of organisations we could
contact for grants" - organisations should include non-profits,
foundations, universities, and government agencies. We could use a wiki
page for that, or Etherpad, or Google Docs, perhaps SugarCRM? Open to

Then, for each one, we try to get a good entry point.

Then, "we" contact them, with a general & informal first approach - "do
you know GNOME? We're pretty cool. We do cool a11y stuff." and if they
have heard of us, and are maybe using us a little, we can then pitch the
roadmap for grants.

For sure, it's a long shot approach, and we'll probably only ever get
10% response to initial queries, and less than 10% of those interested
in funding "us" (and there, let me turn that question around to you -
who's "us"?


Dave Neary
GNOME Foundation member
dneary gnome org

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