Re: Meeting Minutes Published - November 11, 2010


Brian Cameron wrote:
>     * Joanmarie Diggs joined the meeting to give an update on GNOME
>       accessibility.
>           o A $40,000 budget for FY2012 would help the a11y project.
>           o The GNOME Foundation currently has a $20,000 a11y budget.
>             Half is allocated for travel and half is allocated for
>             contracting work. This includes roughly a $5,000 surplus
>             from previous year, $10,000 from Mozilla, and $5,000 from
>             F123-Mais Diferenças.
>     * Possible solutions:
>           o Perhaps a Friends of GNOME campaign could target a11y.
>           o Perhaps we could revisit funding a11y tasks via bounties
>             (e.g. The GOPA program). That project did not work so well
>             since the bounties were too small. Perhaps a $40,000 budget
>             would allow for larger bounties.
>           o We should do more PR, blogs, and publish more clear plans
>             about what work we want to do to raise awareness.
>           o Can plan to do a targeted FoG campaign. Plan to do a
>             campaign for servers in Spring, 2011. So, an a11y campaign
>             could follow.
>           o Can we work more closely with advisory board companies to
>             get more people allocated to a11y instead of, or in
>             addition to, raising funds.
>           o Perhaps we could determine a more consistent way to
>             allocate some money from the yearly advisory board fees to
>             programs that need money every year such as a11y.

Further ideas:
Based on the Orca (or even a more general a11y) roadmap, it may be
possible to get some funding from companies or associations interested
in seeing Orca get better (although a lot of the associations seem to be
focussing more on NVDA because it works on Windows). Where is the Orca
roadmap? Are any of the features being requested by specific
identifiable groups? And can we pitch some of the roadmap to
associations representing those groups? Do we have people who can get
entry points & put in project proposals for the likes of HI, AFM, APAJH
& other non-profits (those 3 are French).


Dave Neary
GNOME Foundation member
dneary gnome org

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