Stormy's Update: August 30, 2010

During the week of July, I was at GUADEC 2010! There I attended the
GNOME Board of Directors annual meeting, ran the GNOME Board of
Advisors annual meeting, put together the Getting Things Done
lightening talks and met with lots of people. It was a great GUADEC in
a great venue with lots of good talks and conversations – we’ve been
getting lots of good feedback. Kudos to the local organizing team! You
can see all the videos of the talks at Flumotion’s website as it was
streamed live and recorded! The videos are licensed under CC-BY-SA 3.0
so please use and share them. (Flumotion was nominated for a Reader’s
Choice Award for them. You can vote for them here.)

During the first week of August, I went on vacation.

Since then I’ve been trying to catch up on my Inbox, follow up on
conversations, and generally make sure that I’m helping make great
things happen in GNOME.

Attended LinuxCon in Boston and made a call for free (as in free
software) web services. Pointed out several of the ones GNOME is
working on. Ran into lots of interesting people but not enough time to
talk to them all as much I’d have liked.

I met one on one with Rosanna. And Brian.

I attended board meetings. I think the new board is still figuring out
who’s doing what and who’s good at what but they are coming together
and their talents balance nicely.

Met with Nokia about the money they are providing to GNOME Mobile.

Tried to attend a webinar about Finances and nonprofits put on by our
insurance company but had some technical difficulties. Will try again
next time.

Had several interviews for magazines and blogs. Trying to push them
towards other interesting GNOME people! (I do the same with speaking
invitations, by the way. Which is why I’m really looking forward to
the GNOME Ambassadors program.)

Had brief meetings with our attorneys and our accountant to get some
clarifying information.

Attended the FSF’s women’s group meeting. (I don’t think it’s called
that – that’s how I think of it. It’s a group of women in free
software that are trying to make sure women know about opportunities
in free software and to get more girls involved.)

Worked on the Free Software booth for Grace Hopper. Booked hotel for that.

Booked travel for Ohio LinuxFest.

Worked on getting GNOME representation at board and community level
for the Desktop Summit 2011.

Finished the Q2 quarterly report with help from all the teams,
Vinicius Depizzol and Vincent Untz!

Worked with LGM to help them get their reimbursements in order for LGM
2008, 2009 and 2010. (Rosanna is double checking them and processing

Debating future travel. Latinoware, GNOME Forum Brazil, Desktop Summit
2011 planning meeting (how much of a role should I play in GUADEC – is
it changing?), Boston Summit, … already going to Ohio LinuxFest and
Grace Hopper and I’m enjoying being home for a while.

Had a meeting with LiMo, Samsung, Ryan Lortie, Alberto Ruiz and
Vincent Untz at GUADEC.  To talk about GTK+ and upcoming related

Reviewed actual budget numbers for the year in preparation for helping
with our 2011 budget. The year starts in October so now is the time to
get in your requests for community events or other things you think
GNOME should do in the next year.

Connected several people with great ideas with people I thought could
help move them forward.

Pinged the MIT folks a few times, as did J5, and we now have rooms for
the Boston Summit!

Following up with marketing team and others on numerous offers to give
us pro-bono ads in magazines.

Met with a couple of advisory board members. Hoping to meet up with
those I missed via phone soon.

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