Re: Meeting Minutes Published - November 12, 2009


Brian Cameron wrote:
>     * Need to find a new time for the meeting since the current time is
>       not good for Srinivasa Ragavan. Stormy will set up a new Doodle
>       meeting. Everyone: enter your times in Doodle, be flexible!

Can I repeat my suggestion of the start of the term?

Rotate the time of the meeting so that it is at the same local time for
a different attendee every meeting. That way, the pain is shared, and
every board member ends up being inconvenienced from time to time. Since
there are more European and American (continents, not country) board
members & staff, they will be proportionately less inconvenienced than
Srini, but at least once in every 10 meetings, everyone else will be
getting up at 6 in the morning too.


Dave Neary
GNOME Foundation member
dneary gnome org

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