Re: What do you think of the foundation?

On Sun, May 31, 2009 at 10:05 AM, Philip Van Hoof <pvanhoof gnome org> wrote:
> We are trying to fix a non-existing problem.

I dont know about the rest of you but for me this is a
touchy emotional subject, its really painful, and we all
did go through it before, it died with this Code of Conduct
publication - really wish we could leave it there.

To the mercy of the foundation; please dont institutionalize
a code of conduct in GNOME.

I understand Philip, he must feel threatened. because I feel threatened.

No I have never went to a GNOME conference, but in the last
years I did bleed out *alot* of code, just for GNOME, just for GTK+
and the platform, and I made this sacrifice along with a hand full
of people like me, who did it because it rocked, and did not ask
for a single reward for it, who were not paid to participate etc.

I like to think that people like us, I know there are many, are
a seriously defining aspect of GNOME.

We need the right to be ourselves and what the hell, I think
we even earned the right to some occasional rudeness where
its due.

Like it or not GNOME can be a high-stress work environment,
it can be something like a warzone near release time, when
things need to be done its not the time to be fragile and point
fingers and "Im gonna tell daddy on you", thats just shameful.

Im convinced that were all bigger than that, so lets save face
and not stoop to the lowest common denominator.


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