Re: What do you think of the foundation?

On Sun, 2009-05-31 at 07:33 -0600, Stormy Peters wrote:
> Sometimes people say inappropriate things in inappropriate tones on
> GNOME forums, irc, mailing lists, blogs, etc. Right now, the community
> just lets them. We don't enforce our Standards of Conduct.
> Dave was pointing out what we do have the power to do something about
> it. If we decide to enforce our own Standards of Conduct, I expect
> there would be discussion about what steps to take. I don't think you
> should ignore the fact that we have a problem by attacking a proposed
> solution.

Do we really have such a huge problem that the process of punishing,
kicking or simply reprimand bad behaving individuals needs to be

I have always had the impression that the GNOME community is one of the
calmest and most mature places around. And this despite the fact that
there's no official "cross this line and you'll go to jail"-policy in
place, which is a great testament to how open-minded and welcoming the
project as a whole is.

Ruben Vermeersch (rubenv)

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