Re: What do you think of the foundation?

Hi Dave,

Thanks for the response.

On 05/31/2009 03:42 AM, Dave Neary wrote:
So, I've detailed my vision, with two major changes:
- include foundation members in the daily running of the foundation by
having the majority of board business happen in the open on
foundation-list, including having the working version of the accounts in
a publicly accessible place, posting draft minutes straight after
meetings, rather than going through the 2/3 day review period we've had
in the past, posting agendas for meetings to foundation-list, and using
foundation-list as the main board mailing list, only going to board-list
for board-confidential issues.

Ok, I didn't get your previous mail as actually suggesting that board works on foundation-list or another publicly accessible list primarily. This is an interesting approach, and I think Fedora does something similar. I'm not opposed to something like this. What I'm opposed to is adding extra burden to board work by requiring a back and force all the time.

Regarding making accounts available, etc, again, I'm not against it, but against premature optimization, ie. measuring its burden as well as positive effects. Money matters is a bit harder to deal with because of the legalities of the foundation. It may not be wise to disclose accounts before an accountant gets to review their accuracy. That's my point.

- the foundation, through the board, should be empowered and committed
to maintaining a friendly and productive working environment

I'm not opposed to this.


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