Re: What do you think of the foundation?

2009/5/30 Stormy Peters <stormy peters gmail com>:
> So my "freedom of speech" comment was not well written.
> I do think anyone has the right to say what they want, but if they want to
> be heard they have to think about their tone. (I was trying to explain why
> someone might want to moderate their tone even if they think it's ok.)  I
> don't think everyone has the right to be published in any forum.
> I think the GNOME community can take away the right to publish on GNOME
> forums. So you can say anything you want on your blog but if it doesn't meet
> the GNOME standards of conduct, it can be removed from Planet GNOME. This is
> not anti-diversity - this is a way of encouraging a friendly, respectful
> place to discuss ideas and differences of opinion.
> It's up to the GNOME community to enforce the GNOME standards of conduct. I
> think the issue being discussed is whether there is an issue and who should
> enforce it.

Im taking it that the majority of this discomfort is coming from the
planet website
as opposed to the official mailing lists or the mailing lists of
important projects.

If this is the case then can we stay on topic and discuss the problem we
have with planet ? cause I see an obvious conflict/problem with the
current scheme

On the one hand planet is a blog site, which was not meant to be a
technical blog -
most of the content relates either to hacking, vacationing,
philisophical rantings,
jokes, personal journals and even cooking and poetry. - the point is
when you write
your blog, you are not writing an article and paying very strict
attention, your just
writing a blog entry.

On the other hand, when speaking comfortably among friends, its always very
easy to piss somebody off unintentionally, just because you didnt take extra
care to take another person's opinions into account before speaking.

When you are dealing with a richly multiethnic community, alot more opinions
become unknowns in the equation so it all of a sudden become very easy
for people to get offended.

Finally, we have another dysfunction; the modern world doesnt
seem to know about mailing lists, I guess they search for gnome developers
on or but the hackers are only officially
reachable by mailing list.

Is it possible that people are pre judging the whole community before
even knocking on its front doors and subscribing to some lists ?

Is there something we can do to better represent ourselves and better
educate the public on how to communicate with us ?

For example, it took me quite some time to write this email thankyou,
thats because I feel accountable wearing a gnome hat, I already dont
blog much... and I like to feel that there I can express what I feel
and share with the community, not to feel all that accountable you know...

Cheers all,

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