Candidacy: Jorge Castro

Sorry, I seem to have failed to post to the foundation list. :)

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From: Jorge O. Castro <jorge ubuntu com>


I would like to announce my candidacy for the GNOME Foundation Board.

== My motivation ==

I would like to extend my contributions to GNOME. I work with
community people on a daily basis and I know my organizational skills
will benefit the project. To use an ice hockey term I prefer to just
"put my head down and skate" to get things done. I know this will be
hard work but I am committed to helping GNOME be successful.

== Why you would vote for me ==

 * I am dependable and I work hard.
 * I respond quickly to queries, even if the answer is "I'll have to
get back to you."
 * I like to work as a member of a team; this is where I feel I am
most effective. I am currently on the Ubuntu Community Team for
Canonical Ltd. and I thrive on the dynamics of community work.
 * I love GNOME.

== Why you might not want to vote for me ==

 * There are areas of GNOME that I am unfamiliar with, for example,
a11y, i18n, and mobile. I look forward to growing in these areas.
 * I love tacos.
 * I am very familiar with the Desktop and Developer platform, however
I do not have a development background.

In conclusion, I am motivated to do this and I believe I can make a difference.


Jorge O. Castro

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