Re: What do you think of the foundation?


Philip Van Hoof wrote:
You publicly embarrassed an individual at item number two. And no, you
can't make your item number two look any better by trying to escape it.


The person will hate you, will hate the board and will start persuading
other people to join him. And for many people he'll most likely succeed
after such extremely childish board behaviour, too.


I don't want people to be fearful of the board. The board is at this
moment our cozy own friendly leadership. This is a great achievement of
our community.

Don't fundamentally change that. Just don't.

Here's the nut of the issue.

I want the board to protect people from being shouted down by people who disagree with them.

You want the board to not make waves among the shouters.

You point to the majority of people posting in this thread disagreeing with me. A cynic would say that all these people so vehemently opposed to this are (a) scaring away all the people who agree with me and who have spoken to me about this, and (b) the first people who would likely be censured, because they exhibit the type of behaviour which others find offensive.

To my mind, the person is embarrassing themselves by behaving in a way that is rude.

This is irrelevant and not even always going to be the case. Not all
fights happen publicly, for example.

Indeed - the private mails are often worse, more insulting, and more damaging to the project.


Dave Neary
GNOME Foundation member
dneary gnome org

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