Re: GNOME DVCS Survey Results

On Sun, 2009-01-04 at 23:16 +0100, Robin Sonefors wrote:
> >   How much does it consume if it's a svn checkout? I heard (don't
> know
> > if it's true or not) git repo usually takes less diskspace then svn
> > checkout. This page seems to support this claim:
> A complete git repo is usually smaller than a complete SVN one
> (according to "common knowlege" - as in, I didn't run any benchmarks),
> but one commonly only checks out the /trunk subdirectory in
> subversion,
> while git usually checks out the whole project history, including all
> branches - it could be a substantial amount of data you don't check
> out
> with SVN.

I think Zeeshan is talking about working copies, not repositories.  An
svn working copy stores two complete copies of each file in the repo;
one is the one that you see and edit, and one is in .svn/text-base

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