Re: GNOME DVCS Survey Results


> It seems pretty clear to me that any 'homegrown' system like this is
> not suitable as a longterm, stable solution for a project the size of
> gnome.

I totally agree here! This is simply a problem of QA. If someone writes
a system that can serve all possible (D)VCS clients that's fine but this
won't happen tommorow and I will need a huge amount of time to be
finished and tested. And in addition it's unlikely that such a system
will support more than a common subset of the features of the underlying
DVCS system.

First, be honest, we need to decide which system to use. I have no
preference here, the survey says that most current users prefer git. So
it sounds reasonable to go that way if it doesn't has to much
problematic impact on the infrastructure side.

Second, a VCS system is something that just has to work. I doubt many
people really care a lot about what system they use as long as it does
not cause any problems for them. People familiar to git will easily
learn bzr and the bzr-people will learn git. It's not a good idea to
make this decision too important and to do flame-wars. Probably all
major DVCS fit our needs and it is more a matter of taste. The survey
was a good point to find out the taste of the GNOME developers => we
should accept that.


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