Theming Hackfest


I just arrived at home, back from Dublin where the most awesome gtk
theming hackfest took place and wanted to use this occasion to thank
gnome for enabling me to go there. Kudos go to Alberto Ruiz and Sun,
who were hosting the event, and doing very well at that.

The only thing that was a bit disappointing was that by Wednesday
there were no more "Kelloggs Special K" cereals available in the
canteen, we were about to throw in the towel only halfway through! It
was only Alberto who got us Pizza every single day (mind you, only at
9pm when we were about to leave for dinner, so we would keep going)
who prevented that. Who would have known that Friday morning
everything was back to normal with a refilled cereals tray?

Communication mostly worked well, even though quite a number of
nationalities were involved, with almost as many non-native English
speakers. Some would just speak  v e e e r y   s l o w l y  but we got
along and also not cause any bushfires.

Regarding technical decisions, we have made some great progress and
are about ready to ask (1) the community for mockups, (2) benzea for
help implementing them. However, the really outstanding stuff has to
wait for gtk version "4_", which will be able to handle dqm_script.js

That's about it, Look around you!
- Rob

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