Change in Planet GNOME maintenance


Jeff has been maintaining Planet GNOME alone for years but it has always
been a difficult task. So the Planet now has a full team of editors! The
team is currently composed of Lucas (Rocha, in case you're wondering
which one), Jeff and myself. This is of course not a "static" team, and
new members will join at some point, while old members will leave.

A second change is that we're proposing a set of guidelines for Planet
GNOME [1]. This is actually more than just guidelines, since it should
also cover most questions people have about the processes around the
Planet. This was discussed a bit with a few people, and it all seems
quite good to us. But we're still publishing this as a draft because
we'd love to get feedback from the community. Please use the feedback
page [2] for this.


We certainly hope all this will help improve your Planet GNOME
experience :-)



Les gens heureux ne sont pas pressés.

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