Re: GNOME Travel Committee & Travel Policy: A proposal for consideration and feedback

What would be nice is to know how much an average day at GUADEC will
cost. Yes, you have flights and hotel costs. 

But there's more: food (what's the price of a cheap but survivable
restaurant in Gran Canaria?), public transport (atleast two tram rides
every day in Istanbul, plus a 15 min walk in the burning sun if you
didn't take the bus). These are all small extra charges (not that small
in the case of restaurants), but multiply that by 8 or 9 for the whole
week and it suddenly gets a quite substantial amount of money,
especially if you can't send the bills over to the company.

At the advice of Dave, I've booked my plane ticket early*, yet I'm now
hearing everywhere that it's extremely touristic over there, leaving me
with fear that just the cost of staying alive there might already be
very substantial.

That being said, having a small contribution from our side is perfectly
reasonable, but let's keep the big picture in mind: there's more to it
than just airplanes and hotels.


* and thus "cheap", hoping to increase my chances of foundation

On wo, 2009-02-18 at 09:56 +0100, Johannes Schmid wrote:
> Hi!
> > (If you feel strongly that it is a good idea, now is the time to speak
> > up.)
> > 
> I think it's a good idea except for students!
> Regards,
> Johannes
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