Re: GNOME Travel Committee & Travel Policy: A proposal for consideration and feedback

Hey Stormy, Dave and Claudio!

>> Seriously, I don't like this. Telling a student who's been contributing
>> on his free time to the project that he needs to request special
>> consideration if he can't afford those 200 € could even cause him not to
>> apply at all.
>> I think GUADEC is a special kind of conference in the sense it needs to
>> be inclusive, specially for people who is not so integrated in the
>> community and for whom attending may have a huge impact on their
>> involvement. Maybe hackfests and other local conferences may suit better
>> for the approach you propose, but definitively not GUADEC.

I'm with Claudio on this issue. Last year I could not go to GUADEC if
I had to pay 200 € (wait to be reimbursed has been difficult). GUADEC
should be a special case.


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