Re: "Private Foundation-List" Petition for referendum


    I believe that we should keep the foundation-list open for anyone to

    As Jeff said, trollumnists do not need to play by the same rules
that we do, they do not need to stick to the facts when they do not
serve their purpose.   When facts get in the way, they will just invent
their own or lie by omission [1].

    Perhaps what we do need is for the board to have a stronger
connection to mass media and be ready to articulate public responses
properly framing discussions and correcting any incorrect reporting.  

    Raw community discussion is like a kitchen, it might not be pretty,
but what counts is the result.   We should be proud of the software that
we create, how we got there, and the fact that we have nothing to hide.
If we close down the list because of a trollumnist, then fear, hate and
trollumnism win. 

    We can improve our Code of Conduct to help us harmonize our
discussions and harmonize the public outcome.   As I have mentioned in
the past on my blog, I very much like "The Art of Possibility" and
perhaps we could grab some of those concepts for the code of conduct. 



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