Re: "Private Foundation-List" Petition for referendum

On 15/12/2009, at 2:49 PM, Behdad Esfahbod wrote:

[/me removes board hat]

Hi everyone,

I like to ask for your support in my petition for referendum to make foundation-list archives private and membership limited to actual Foundation members. If we make that change we would be able to discuss matters freely without making lots of news that more often than not are harmful to our image to the world in general.

Remember gnome-hackers? Mails get leaked all the time, and I doubt moving foundation-list private would make any difference. GNOME needs to continue to promote itself as a transparent and welcoming community, which we do very very well for the most part. Let's be careful not to throw all that progress away.


(Yes, I'm still alive and regularly reading the Planet GNOME and the lists - I still consider myself a GNOME member for as long as I feel welcome, though not as active as I'd like to be with other committments)

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