Re: Free Desktop Communities come together at the Gran Canaria Desktop Summit

On 08/12/2009 04:08 PM, Quim Gil wrote:
> Speaking clearly, I wonder what weight in people's opinions (in the
> polls and the board meembers) had the Qt branding in badge, towel,
> roll-up ad in the main entrance, etc. Many GNOME people said they
> didn't felt 'at home' in such context. But that is something easy to
> solve in future editions.

It didn't help, but at least for me, it wasn't a huge factor. I'm clearly in favor of colocated event, but I think GUADEC would suffer if we do it again next year.

On 08/12/2009 04:22 PM, Og Maciel wrote:
On Wed, Aug 12, 2009 at 4:08 PM, Quim Gil<quimgil gmail com>  wrote:
Actually many GNOME people that was not enthusiastic about a second
joint summit mentioned that one of the problems was that the agenda
didn't help meeting peers with similar interests from the other side.
Something that could be achieved with a better organization of the
agenda, based on this year's experience.

That was exactly my feeling as well. Even though we had both GNOME and
KDE people in attendance in the same place, all sessions were
segregated. I believe someone else mentioned that having
desktop-agnostic tracks would have allowed everyone to see what is
going on with banshee, amarok, etc and allow for some much needed
information sharing.

Agreed. The scheduling was suboptimal for a number of reasons. One being that early on we decided to have two separate program committees. This is because we wanted to keep the conferences separate. We did allocate twenty slots for XD talks to be selected by both committees, but that was compressed in one morning. Another reason being that we didn't have a definite list of available rooms and sizes until very last minute (move to the university, etc).

All these will improve over time, but my personal opinion, having been involved in the last two GUADEC organization teams, is that we can't do a *much* better job for next year. When you go from GUADEC alone to co-located, it goes from one entity (GUADEC organizers have been GNOME contributors with interests aligned with that of GNOME in general) to three entities: GNOME, KDE, local team, each with differing interests.


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