Free Desktop Communities come together at the Gran Canaria Desktop Summit

This year's Gran Canaria Desktop Summit represented the first time the
GNOME and KDE communities have co-located their annual conferences in
the same location. 852 free software advocates from 46 countries
gathered together last week to discuss and enhance the free desktop
experience at the first ever Gran Canaria Desktop Summit.

The summit accomplished its goal of increasing co-operation between
GNOME and KDE to improve the Free Desktop experience. Throughout the
conference there were many examples of  successful collaboration
including shared technologies, community co-operation and growth of the
local free software community.

GNOME and KDE plan to join together again in future years to make sure
they are working effectively together to share technologies and advance
the free desktop. The cooperation and conversations that began between
the KDE and GNOME communities will continue into the future and in
events like hackfests throughout the year, but next year the conferences
will be hosted separately. GUADEC and Akademy hope to see both GNOME and
KDE developers at their events as their communities work more closely
together on joint technologies.

More details in the press release:


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