Hardware bought during Barcelona's Guadec in Fluendo's premises

Dear Gnome Foundation members,

Since Barcelona's Guadec Fluendo is hosting 4 desktop style machines in
our server room. Those machines were acquired by the foundation to do
live streaming of the talks and it was decided that Fluendo should host
them until next year. They have not been used since then for any other

They are made available to do some buildbots for some projects (elisa,
flumotion) but the Gnome buildbot they were intended to run is not
really operational from my understanding.

My concern here is that those machines are a burden for us as they don't
really fit in a normal rack, they are 3 years old now and I m not really
sure they run something useful.

If I could know what they would be useful for I'd prefer hosting that
service in a virtual machine on one of our 1U powerful servers and
return the hardware to the foundation so that it can be used to help
some hobbyist developers maybe.

Let me know what you think about that. Meanwhile the 2 machines that are
up will be turned down as we migrate our server room to a better space.

Best regards,

Julien Moutte,

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