Re: Windows-only software in government

Richard Stallman <rms gnu org> writes:
>     So if
>     you want a research grant from the European Union, you're forced to be
>     using Windows...

More precisely, you're forced to use Windows plus the EC's proprietary
editor -or- GNU/Linux plus VMware plus the EC's proprietary editor.


   5. Does the GPF editor run also on Mac or Linux operated PCs?

   For the moment, the GPF editor is only available for Windows operated
   PCs. Until a Linux and Mac version is released, it has been reported that
   the GPF editor works on Mac with the "virtual PC", and on Linux with the
   VMWare solution.

> We need to organize a campaign to change this.  I wonder if Neelie Kroes
> could help.

FWIW, FSFE will co-announce a similar campaign on Thursday, but it's for the
European Parliament, not the European Commission (which is in charge of the
FP7 funding).

If this campaign is successful, it should be easier to do something similar
for the European Commission.

We decided to focus on the parliament because a good opportunity presented

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