Re: Some Finnish thoughts of Guadec+aKademy 2009

Hi everyone!

On Sun, Jul 6, 2008 at 10:55 AM, Petri Räsänen <petri rasanen coss fi> wrote:
> Questions to ask are
> (1) where is Free Software in most need of support?
> The community-building card has been the defining factor for France vs
> UK for example.  But I didn't expect to see it played by Finland or
> Spain bids, given how integrated Nokia and Igalia are in the GNOME
> ecosystem.  Gran Canaria on the other hand... ;).
> Although Nokia is an active player, we got to remember that it is not the
> whole community even here.
> There are signals that  there is a new generation of hackers growing in the
> universities etc at the moment, and currently they often have no direct
> connections with the corporate world, Nokia or others. For them this event
> would be a great opportunity to get involved in the community.  And vice
> versa; New blood, new drive!

  Before the board(s) make the decision I must remind them that this
is a very important point. During my stay in Finland for the past 3
years I've observed that there is a big amount of extremely talented
potential contributors in Finland who don't just have any motivation
to contribute and therefore do not. We could blame the Finnish culture
for that :) but lets not getting into blame game and keep in mind that
such conferences would be great opportunities for motivating these
contributors to contribute as they'll be able to get to know of
practical benefits of working with/for community in these conferences.


Zeeshan Ali Khattak
FSF member#5124

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