Re: Akademy+GUADEC *2009* Hosting Proposals

On Thu, 03.07.08 23:09, Dave Neary (bolsh gnome org) wrote:

> These two are equally well fulfilled in A Coruna.

Yes, they are.

The thing with Coruna ist however, that because it is not a top
tourist destination you won't get cheap charter flights. 

> > 2. The conference tourist that I am would prefer to go to the Canary
> > Islands, it's way more interesting from a tourtistic pov than
> > the other two suggestions.
> This seems like the only argument specific to Gran Canaria, and doesn't
> seem to me like a very good reason.
> In fact, it's *exactly* the reason that I cited when arguing *against*
> Gran Canaria. Since it's a tourist destination, I think convincing
> sponsors will be more difficult (bear in mind that on your money
> arguments, cheap flights mean we can bring more people for free/cheap).

Uh? Scientific conferences happen at nice spots all the time. That's
how conferences work. And with non-scientific conferences it is not
that different.

I think it is very far fetched to assume that moving the conference to
a not-so-nice place will attract any additional sponsoring. That's
outright a ridiculous assumption. Do you really think the position of
GNOME is so weak that someone who might want to sponsor GUADEC thinks
that the community having a good time could be detrimental to what the
outcome of the project? Come on! Sorry, but this argument of yours is

The fact that Gran Canaria is a touristy place makes thing cheaper,
brings infrastructure. And that's two things we need for a good


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