Re: Akademy+GUADEC *2009* Hosting Proposals


On 7/3/08, Dave Neary <bolsh gnome org> wrote:
>  Hi Lennart,
>  Lennart Poettering wrote:
>  > Here are my three reasons to prefer Gran Canaria:
>  >
> > 1. The money...
> > 3. Let's face it, finnish food and beer just sucks. In Spain at least
>  > the food is very good.
> These two are equally well fulfilled in A Coruna.
>  > 2. The conference tourist that I am would prefer to go to the Canary
>  > Islands, it's way more interesting from a tourtistic pov than
>  > the other two suggestions.
> This seems like the only argument specific to Gran Canaria, and doesn't
>  seem to me like a very good reason.
>  In fact, it's *exactly* the reason that I cited when arguing *against*
>  Gran Canaria. Since it's a tourist destination, I think convincing
>  sponsors will be more difficult (bear in mind that on your money
>  arguments, cheap flights mean we can bring more people for free/cheap).

Yes, but after all, almost by definition we are on the same boat as
tourism. I mean, we go to exotic locations to get together, have
beers, chat about our projects, try to get some stuff done... your
worry is valid, since if we use the bad words we might end up sounding
like a bunch of guys trying to get free trips. Let's just be careful.
For example, Istanbul is touristic, but it still got sponsors. In my
opinion the real core of GUADEC for anyone financially interested is
to get the hackers together to get stuff done or maybe to recruit some
of them. The location doesn't matter that much. Maybe some of the guys
pushing the decision to sponsor might get sent to GUADEC, so it might
play for us.

Of course, I might be wrong, I'm still green in this field :).

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