Re: Akademy+GUADEC *2009* Hosting Proposals

Are you reading the (very good!) materials the three candidates have prepared?

What makes the Boston Summit expensive is the travel (for Europeans)
and accommodation (for everybody), but this is well covered by the
three candidates.

On Thu, Jul 3, 2008 at 6:30 PM, Lennart Poettering <mztabzr 0pointer de> wrote:
> Are there even any direct flights to Tampere, except from HEL?

Ryanair in Tampere operates to Frankfurt, London, Bremen, Dublin,
Milan and to Riga.

Blue 1 operates to Stockholm and Copenhagen.

Food, at
there is a list of restaurants with many options starting from meals
at 5€. Remember that Tampere is a city full of (public) university
students, including Erasmus from all Europe. 5€ is a competitive price
in the Spanish Summer, specially in the coast.

Coping with parties every night is a problem for the economy of many.
This was raised in previous editions and should be taken into account
next year, no matter where. 3 sponsored social events with drinks
reasonably covered + a couple of nights covered by a visit to the
supermarket + a couple of nights actually sleeping well and drinking
very healty water... Sounds like a plan?

Quim Gil ///

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