Re: ghop

On Thu, Jan 24, 2008 at 10:29:23AM -0500, Dr. Michael J. Chudobiak wrote:
> I think gnome-love and gnome-contest (or whatever) should be separate 
> things. The nice thing about ghop was that it pulled in new people who 
> would not otherwise have been interested, by motivating them with a 
> contest and a free t-shirt. And that's great. gnome-love is more for 
> those who already love gnome, but need a pointer about where to start.

I do not see the difference. Gnome-love should be a small task that the
maintainer supports and would provide help with. Not exactly sure, but
GHOP should be the same (wanted and you can get help).
However, people get money and that could overcome perhaps any initial
hurdle. Although I'd rather see a reward other than money.

> > Would you like to work on setting this up?
> If the Foundation can pony up some cash / t-shirts / desirable-things 
> for a gnome-ghop-lite project, sure, I would like to help. I'm not too 
> interested in just tidying up gnome-love tags, for the reasons mentioned 
> above.

I find it a bit strange to have the Foundation pay for something like
this. If you don't like GNOME, then you get money. If you do, then you
should work for free?
Same for e.g. non-sexy (gnome-love/GHOP) bugs. Someone should still pay
attention to those.

> > Also, are you fine if I forward your mail to the Google people? I'm sure
> > they'll be happy to read your mail.
> I thought they read all my stuff already :-) But yes, you can forward it 
> to them...
> And if google decided to extend ghop, that would make everything a lot 
> easier...

No objection if Google continues this (instead of the Foundation). Also
wondering about the outcome of GHOP. I don't think paying for small
things is a viable long term option (discussed many times before --
things change when money is involved). Do e.g. the contributors stick
Note: I understand that paying for things will get results. What I am
interested in is the impact it has the on long term for GNOME (new
contributors, potential bad influence caused by paying for things, etc).
Although that is probably hard to tell atm.


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