Re: ghop

What we can certainly do is keep a list of such tasks somewhere. we'd need an easy way to manage this, though. Bugzilla could work, if we
agree on some whiteboard words, I guess. It would be a bit like the
gnome-love bugs. The hard thing is to have people correctly tag the
bugs. Thinking about it, it might be better to try to organize the
gnome-love bugs in a better way.

I think keeping lists of tasks without an active, exciting ghop-like program would be sort of pointless. No one would bother to add stuff, and it would get obsolete fast. When I was adding ghop tasks, often it was a thought like "I'd like to add minor feature X right now... no wait, make it a ghop task and I'll work on feature Y"... a spur-of-the-moment thing, rather than a long-term visionary plan.

If we had a slick front-end page (like the ghop page), we could use bugzilla as the back-end I guess - similar to the existing bugzilla cgi reports. However, a ghop task is of a different scale than a bugzilla bug. For instance... a bugzilla bug would say "purge all gnome_vfs stuff some day" - large scale. A ghop task would have to be much smaller, like "port all the gnome_vfs_mime_* functions in a week". I guess that's not a problem, but people would need to keep it in mind when filing tasks.

I think gnome-love and gnome-contest (or whatever) should be separate things. The nice thing about ghop was that it pulled in new people who would not otherwise have been interested, by motivating them with a contest and a free t-shirt. And that's great. gnome-love is more for those who already love gnome, but need a pointer about where to start.

Would you like to work on setting this up?

If the Foundation can pony up some cash / t-shirts / desirable-things for a gnome-ghop-lite project, sure, I would like to help. I'm not too interested in just tidying up gnome-love tags, for the reasons mentioned above.

I think there is a virtually endless supply of ~ 1 week tasks that would benefit from this program. (Porting things from gnome-vfs to gvfs / gio / gfile is the most obvious, and high priority, area for me. I cringe

Yep, many many 1 week tasks :-)

Which is good, for an educational outreach program...

Also, are you fine if I forward your mail to the Google people? I'm sure
they'll be happy to read your mail.

I thought they read all my stuff already :-) But yes, you can forward it to them...

And if google decided to extend ghop, that would make everything a lot easier...

- Mike

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