Re: Call for hosts for GUADEC 2009

On Thu, 2008-04-24 at 17:38 +0300, Quim Gil wrote:
> ...Being in Summer...

This has been mentioned elsewhere, but not in this thread: the middle of
summer is high season for air travel to Europe from North America and
elsewhere and as a result tickets are much more expensive.

Over the last 4 years of GUADECs we have shifted from mid-late May (no
problem) to early July (the only dates that are harder to travel are
religious holidays).

If keeping the costs down is a factor, then perhaps some attempt should
be made to return the conference forward in the calendar a bit.  Too
late for 2008, of course, but something we may want to consider for

Otherwise, if we're not worrying about budgets, then by all means.
European summers are lovely.


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